Gaming Apps

Gaming Apps

As the most popular category of app, games have the potential to reach an incredible number of users. Whether passing a few minutes with a casual puzzle or getting engrossed in an interactive storyline, mobile device users love games. Our engineers and artists use SDK, Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D, and many other industry-leading tools to create the best gaming experience.

Games offer several alternatives for monetization. The simplest is the pay-to-download model, in which a user pays a certain amount to download the game initially. Much more common now is the in-app purchase model; with this strategy, the game itself is free, but special powers, additional vehicles, and other extras can be bought within the game. Finally, a free game can be supported by advertising. Contact us and we'll connect you with our best game app developers at Zydexo to advise you about all your options.

Zydexo’s game development services consider the entire game: the user interface, hardware capabilities, game mechanics, and visual appeal. Some clients come to Zydexo with every single detail of a game already mapped out and designed; we then integrate all existing assets with the game code. Others have a more general idea what they want the game to do, and need a mobile game development company to fill in the whole picture. Zydexo works with our clients from start to finish, helping them see their vision through.

As with any project, we begin with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect all parties. An Account Executive and Project Manager guide customers through the whole process, answering questions and providing updates the entire way.

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