Game Distribution (COAM)

Game Distribution (COAM)

If you are a game developer or manufacture of skill based redemption games for jurisdictions that allow Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAM), than wants to be your channel partner. is powered by Zydexo Games, a licensed manufacture of Coin Operated Amusement Machines in Georgia. Zydexo offers game titles for placement by route operators in multiple jurisdictions.  Zydexo has built a brand amongst top route operators to offer skill-based games, which maximize adaptability and playability by patrons.

If you have 1 or many game titles that are just not reaching route operators for placement, you could be potentially missing profits. participates in many tradeshows, social marketing campaigns and Google search engines to maximize its reach to potential route operators. 

Requirements:Your game must be lab certified, or in markets which question the legalization of your game, a Legal expert opinion letter must be provided to ensure compliance in that respective jurisdiction.

If your games don’t meet any of the requirements above, please contact us and we may help you through this time and money consuming process.

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