Mutha Goose/Gaggle

Mutha Goose/Gaggle

The “Mutha Goose & Gaggle” is a multidrop network system that allows up to 63 game machines to be connected to a single master print station. It also has many features built in that makes it ideal for use in the Coin-Op industry.

This is officially a gaming network that has been created for small to medium gaming rooms to manage the bookkeeping and voucher systems used in applications such as Coin Operated Amusement Machines and computer games. The the main network control unit (known as the Mutha Goose), pulls together the individual machines (or gaggle of goslings). Traditionally the small to medium sized gaming houses could only network up to ten machines together, this meant that multiple control units would have to be installed. There was clearly a demand in the marketplace for a single unit that would be able to network a more sizable group of machines. 

Features:Up to 63 machines can use a single master printer station. Sequential mode allows the automatic switching to a backup printer. Fully stored bookkeeping.Reprint of last 5 monetary transactions.Cabling is readily available “Category 5" network wiring.Custom location header.Single cable “Daisy Chain” to all machines.One machine down does NOT affect other games.Industry proven RS-485 protocol for maximum reliability.Brown Out and Watch Dog protection.Easy to bypass for normal “manual” collect.Tampering with wires can not produce illegitimate vouchers. 

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